HunnemanCares: NAI Hunneman Broker Takes on Boston Marathon in Support of Greater Lawrence Youth

Allen Marathon

On Monday, April 16th NAI Hunneman broker Mike Allen will be participating in his second Boston Marathon. This time Mike is running in support of The Boys & Girls Club of Greater Lawrence and the wonderful work they do to provide constructive recreational & educational activities for more than 4,000 area boys & girls. We sat down with Mike to learn more about what motivated him to take on Boston and why he is supporting the club.

HC: The Boston Marathon is a daunting task to do once; what motivated you to take on the challenge again?

Daunting is a great word for it, but there is no other race like Boston.  I have run marathons in other cities, and nothing compares to the excitement and energy of the Boston Marathon.  I regret every year when I am not participating so this year I jumped at the opportunity.

HC: How do you balance the busy life of a commercial real estate broker and training to run 26.2 miles?

Great question.  It is not easy to balance work and training, and it requires a ton of sacrifice.  You have to manage your schedule wisely and make sure that you can get those miles in somehow. Some days I am booked for morning meetings and evening events, so I am forced to run at lunchtime.  It has to get done somehow.

HC: Tell us a bit more about your charity. What makes it so special?

The number of participants in the Boston Marathon has surged over the years, and this is largely due to charity involvement.  There are numerous causes for runners to support and all of them are great.  My decision to support the Boys & Girls Club of Lawrence was at the recommendation of a colleague who is on the Board.  I visited the center in Lawrence and realized that there is a vast population of children and young adults that are not afforded the same resources and support that many of us take for granted.  The club is vital for the city and has helped shape the lives of thousands of children.  With a lack of public funding, the Boys & Girls club relies largely on private donors and I am happy to be part of this effort.

HC:  What piece of advice would you give to someone looking to try and run a marathon?

Most people that ask me about running a marathon say the same thing: “I could never run a marathon.”  This is not true.  Last Saturday I ran up Heartbreak Hill alongside a girl with a prosthetic leg.  I was complaining about soreness in my legs before the run, and I was quick to change my attitude once I saw her.  It’s all about determination, and nearly anyone can do it.  And once you do it, it will change your life and perspective for the better.

If you would like to contribute to Mike’s fundraising efforts or learn more about the tremendous work that is done by the Greater Lawrence Boys & Girls Club, please visit the following link:

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