Weekly CRE Blog Roundup

Below represents recent blog posts of interest from around the commercial real estate universe curated by the NAI Hunneman Research Department.

  1. Do These 5 Things Every Day to Up Your Prospecting Game- Prospecting, although vital, can be a tedious task. Without gaining new clients, business remains unchanged. These five strategies add variety to the way that commercial real estate professionals can expand their network. (Source: ClientLook)
  2.  6 Business Must-Reads For CRE Professionals- Learning from other’s experiences can be one of the most effective ways to retain and reuse information. When it comes to CRE, learning about the strategies and practices from others not only aids in inspiration, but guides efficiency. (Source: RealNex)
  3. Strong Job Creation Drives Demand For Commercial Real Estate- In June, more jobs in the labor market were created than expected. This increased activity drives demand upward, mostly for office space, as new hires need a place to work. (Source: Apto)
  4. CRE Pros Need Social Marketing- Utilizing social media as a marketing tool continues to prove successful in more ways than one. (Source: The Content Funnel)
  5. Your Social Media Strategy Must Have These 7 Ingredients- As difficult as navigating social media can be, discovering the best way to produce effective content is even harder. By building a marketing plan, social media can be utilized to reach and engage your targeted audience. (Source: The Content Funnel)

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