Weekly CRE Blog Roundup

Below represents recent blog posts of interest from around the commercial real estate universe curated by the NAI Hunneman Research Department.

  1. Six Seaports Driving Demand For U.S. Industrial Markets– With the ever changing market, here are six seaports that continue to adapt and benefit the industrial real estate sector. (Source: VTS)
  2. Greatest Hits: Take Your CRE Marketing Game To The Next Level– As the commercial real estate world evolves, so does the way we market. Here is a list of techniques and strategies to keep your marketing plan current. (Source: Apto)
  3. Why Use a Tenant Rep Broker?- When considering a new office, there are many things to keep in mind. Hiring a tenant rep broker can ease the stress by providing important expertise that can break down the process. (Source: ReOptimizer)
  4. 5 Reonomy Filters You Can Use to Find Off Market Opportunities– Off-Market opportunities can be attractive to both buyers and sellers. These 5 Reonomy filters can aid in the discovery of these unlisted properties that few others can find. (Source: Reonomy)
  5. Apartment Supply Needs to Reach 4.6 Million by 2030, Report Says– Although to some the apartment market seems to be at a surplus, in the next 13 years, over 4.6 million apartments must be created in order to meet the predicted demand in our nation. (Source: Axiometrics)

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