Weekly CRE Blog Roundup

Below represents recent blog posts of interest from around the commercial real estate universe curated by the NAI Hunneman Research Department.

    1. Listen Up, Brokers: 4 Advanced Listening Skills That Set You Apart– Listening can be one of the most influential factors in connecting with a client and closing a deal, but the advice you have been given may not be quite enough. (Source: Apto)
    2. Five Office Metrics That Still Matter– With newer office metrics that tend to draw the most attention on paper, it can be easy to dismiss the classic ones that do in fact still matter and play a significant role. (Source: REoptimizer)
    3. Don’t Overlook Small Biz Retail Tenants– Despite the focus on corporate retailers across the country closing locations, small local businesses still hold a value in everyday shopping. (Source: VTS)
    4. 4 Quick Tips for A Weekly CRM Cleanup– Although not always a priority, cleaning up your CRM data is vital as a tool to stay current and efficient with clients. (Source: ClientLook)
    5. Transforming the CRE Workplace: Lessons Learned from Millennials and GenX– The current and upcoming workforce can actually teach us more about business culture and environment than we thought. (Source: RealNex)


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