Weekly CRE Blog Roundup

Below represents recent blog posts of interest from around the commercial real estate universe curated by the NAI Hunneman Research Department.

  1. 4 Ways Everyone is Changing to Accommodate E-Commerce Demands – The e-commerce boom has definitely changed the way that many Americans do their shopping. (Source: NAI Global)
  2. Social Media Posting Best Practices for #CRE Brokers and Firms – Today we delve into the nitty-gritty of social media posting, providing best practices to maximize customer engagement. (Source: Rosano Partners)
  3. The House Price Tumble in Pictures – FRED recently added county-level data on house prices. As with a lot of regional data, it’s best to look at it on our mapping tool, GeoFRED, which lets you visualize the distribution and the evolution of economic and socio-demographic statistics. (Source: The FRED Blog)
  4. Lesson for Young Brokers from the CEO of Microsoft – I skim a lot of articles. Hundreds a week. Some are worthy of reading while others aren’t. Then there are a select few that I read multiple times to make sure I retain the information. (Source: NEUERSPACE) 
  5. Lease or Own Your Office Space? – At some point, every company faces the decision about whether to purchase or lease office space. (Source: REoptimizer)

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