Weekly CRE Blog Roundup

Below represents recent blog posts of interest from around the commercial real estate universe curated by the NAI Hunneman Research Department. Click below to access the content:

  1. 3 Ways Infrastructure Construction Will Impact Industrial Real Estate  – Part of President Trump’s new plan for the U.S. economy is to spend billions of dollars in infrastructure construction to repair, replace and retrofit many aspects of the U.S. transportation system. (Source: NAI Global)
  2. Do Rising Interest Rates Really Hurt Property Values?  – Just as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, many investors believe rising short-term interest rates necessarily increase capitalization rates and weaken property values. (Source: VTS Blog)
  3. Four Ways to Speed Up the Sales Cycle in CRE  – The sales cycle is a process — a series of steps that convince a person or a group of people to say yes on multiple occasions. Source: (RealNex)
  4. Amenities arms race: 6 multifamily trends to watch  – Ahhh, the sweet lure of amenities. In simpler times, “amenities” might have referred to a lobby and a room with some treadmills in it. (Source: Apto)

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