A conversation with Cormac Sullivan, new Associate for NAI Hunneman’s North Market Leasing & Advisory Service team.

Cormac Sullivan | Associate – Leasing & Advisory Services

We sat down with new NAI Hunneman Associate Cormac Sullivan. Cormac is a recent graduate of Villanova University where the Westborough native double majored in Finance & Real Estate.

NAIH: What is your current market focus at NAI Hunneman?

I work on the North Suburban leasing team focusing on tenant and landlord representation in the 128 & 495 North submarkets. I also assist Property Management and the Research department on database management.

NAIH: What made you chose CRE as your career?

I met with a family friend a few years ago, who explained what he did as a broker and the work ethic required. Given my competitive nature and background in team sports, as well as the experiences gained from my real estate classes at Villanova, I felt it was a perfect fit.

NAIH: What are some of your hobbies?

I’m a die-hard Boston sports fan and have a big sports background. I grew up playing baseball, basketball, soccer and swimming and more recently was a 4-year member and the president of the Club Baseball team at Villanova. Outside of anything sports-related I enjoy working out and spending time with my family.

 NAIH: What relevant experience do you bring to NAI Hunneman?

The real estate classes I took at Villanova went extremely in-depth and I was able to meet tenants and landlords, tour properties – both vacant and under construction – and speak with brokers and developers in the Philadelphia, New York, and Boston markets. The nature of these experiences, as well as informational interviews with numerous professionals in the market has, and will continue, to strengthen my knowledge and outlook on the commercial real estate industry.

NAIH: Who do you work with & what have you learned from them?

I work with Jim Boudrot, Dave Gilkie, and Mike Allen. They have been extremely helpful getting me set up in the first few weeks and are constantly sharing their experiences and advice. I have sat in on cold calls, gone on tours and showings, and am always asking questions. Each member of the team provides a unique outlook on ways to generate new business and go the extra mile for the client.

NAIH: What’s it like to be a millennial in CRE? What motivates you?

As an associate, there’s a lot for me to learn from the senior brokers and management here at NAI Hunneman. I am eager to learn from them, but I also believe I can bring a deeper understanding of technology and a unique perspective on projects. Attention to detail and creative thinking can only benefit our team and those are definitely two of my strengths.

NAIH: Why did you choose NAI Hunneman & what do you like most about it so far?

I met with several real estate companies in Boston before joining NAI Hunneman. What stood out to me was the culture and market focus of the company through my conversations with Steve Prozinski and David Slye. David shared his vision for the company, including a focus on dominating the middle market and providing the best possible service for the client. David was very genuine and thorough in explaining what he was looking for – traits that I believe are vital in management.

I really enjoy the entrepreneurial atmosphere of the office. There is a ton of energy and it is a great team environment. I enjoy learning from seasoned professionals and it’s clear that everyone is here to help one another.

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