A conversation with newest Capital Markets team member Elliott White

Elliott White | Assistant Vice President | Capital Markets

Elliott White | Assistant Vice President | Capital Markets

We sat down with the newest member of NAI Hunneman, Elliott White. Elliot, an avid skier, joins the Capital Markets team with a focus on

multifamily housing with a specialty in affordable housing.

NAIH: Where are you from?

I live in Malden with my fiancé, but I’m from Montpelier, Vermont.


NAIH: What college did you attend?

Suffolk University, majored in Business Management.

NAIH: What are some of your hobbies?

ewhiteblogimageI’m a very good skier and a very bad golfer. I have an English Staffordshire Terrier and a Boston Terrier, both are insanely spoiled. I blame my fiancé for this, but it’s mostly my fault. And I like work, as silly as that sounds. I like what I do, and plenty of people don’t, so I feel fortunate.

NAIH: Favorite sports team?

Patriots. No question. Watching Roger Goodell hand the Lombardi trophy to Tom Brady this year would put a smile on my face.

NAIH: How do you feel your past experience will contribute to the Capital Markets team?

I have prior Capital Markets experience, I have some deep sales experience outside of real estate, and I’ve started my own business too. There’s a certain edge you develop when starting your own business. You live or die based solely on your efforts, it takes an almost insane level of dedication. I think that’s true if you want to be successful in the Capital Markets arena as well. You have to be able to service your clients and look after their needs, while simultaneously building your own business.

NAIH: What is your focus coming into NAI Hunneman? What are you most excited about?

My primary focus here is multi-family housing, with a concentration on affordable housing.

I am excited to be a part of this firm and its brand. The team here is fantastic and the support systems are second to none. Many places talk about a top-down commitment to excellence, but hardly anyone provides brokers the kind of marketing, research, and analytical support they do here. The talent bench is deep at NAI Hunneman, you can feel it.

The NAI Hunneman brand is another big reason for coming on board. It’s an incredibly well respected company that instills an additional level of confidence in your clients. It gets your phone call returned, even if the person you’re calling doesn’t know you personally.

NAIH: What trends have you seen emerge in your market?

There has been a concerted public/private push to develop more workforce housing in Massachusetts recently. The idea is to create housing for people who are working in communities that they may not be able to afford to live in. You don’t want your teachers, nurses, and police officers having to commute from far away because they feel priced out. The Workforce Housing Initiative aims to help offset some of these costs.

NAIH: With that in mind, what is your outlook for 2017?

Something to pay close attention to in 2017 is the preservation of affordable housing. Many of these properties have been affordable for decades and are now reaching the end of their terms. The goal is to preserve as much of this affordable housing stock as possible of course, but getting that done can be tricky. I expect we will see some interesting approaches to financing, and some strong public/private partnerships moving forward.

NAIH: Why did you decide to join NAI Hunneman?

David Slye. I know this sounds like blatant pandering, but I assure you that’s not the case. I met with several other brokerage firms before deciding on NAI Hunneman. David has all the institutional experience you could ask for, but so do other firms. What stood out from my conversation with him was his vision for NAI Hunneman going forward. David believes in a firm squarely focused on the middle market that delivers client service better than anyone else. It’s a model I believe in, and he made it clear he would do what it took to support me in that pursuit.

For more info on Elliott you can access his bio or follow him on LinkedIn


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