NAI Hunneman Intern Spotlight – Kevin White

White_1Up next in our Intern Spotlight is Kevin White, intern with our Research Department (no relation to the former Mayor of Boston). See what a typical day of running numbers and market write-ups is all about for this Worcester native and University of Puget Sound junior.

NAIH: Describe a typical day in the research department?

KW: I spend my day helping Liz Berthelette (Research Director) update our Microsoft CRM database to reflect the current state of the metro Boston real estate market. I also provide help to brokers with market write-ups, building information, and various in-depth maps.


NAIH: What’s your background (school, hometown, hobbies)?

KW: I was born and raised in Worcester, Massachusetts, and attended Saint John’s High School in Shrewsbury. I attend the University of Puget Sound, where I’ll be a junior in the fall and I’m double majoring in economics and a specialized discipline called International Political Economy (IPE), a major carried by a few, select schools. My hobbies focus around sports, playing intramurals basketball and softball at school and closely following the Red Sox and Bruins. I am also a sports correspondent for the school newspaper.


NAIH: Why did you pursue an internship at NAI Hunneman? What do you hope to take from the experience?

KW: I believe it’s the type of job that an economics major could expect once graduating. I wanted to experience how to exactly apply my knowledge outside of the classroom. I hope to glean the workings of the commercial real estate industry, as well as learn how to be a productive member of a workplace.


NAIH: How have you been able to apply your skill set to your job and what kind of an impact have you made here so far?

KW: I’ve always been skilled at analyzing documents, so I have easily been able to comprehend and summarize various documents related to the Real Estate market, saving the research department time and man-power on going through the articles themselves. I am also an efficient, and have been able to quickly work through updating various aspects of the CRM database, including rents, building owners and building addresses.


NAIH: What skills have you been able to acquire?

KW: I have begun to learn the different software used by NAI Hunneman’s Research Department and worked on my writing skills, which will help hone my skills as I begin to look for a job after college.


NAIH: Why are you interested in Real Estate?

KW: From what I have seen of commercial real estate, I like how easy it is to develop relationships. Everyone knows one another, and these types of connections are important in any industry. The ease with which such connections can be forged makes working in Real Estate ideal. While friends back home may be delivering pizza, I’m helping deliver the 25th floor of a class A office building, something worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. I really enjoy being involved in something so significant.


NAIH: How’s the relationship with the other interns?

KW: Pretty good, Billy and I met during the company softball games, which was a nice icebreaker. Nick has been a good cubicle neighbor, although I do feel bad, because I sometimes listen to stand-up specials like John Mulaney & Mitch Hedberg and I can’t help but laugh sometimes, so he either thinks I’m crazy and is weirded out or he thinks that research is a hilarious time and he’s jealous he isn’t doing it too.


NAIH: What’s the favorite part of your job so far?

KW: The free lunches are pretty cool. But throughout the past few weeks, I have enjoyed different meetings, especially with groups like Compstak. Also, I enjoy using the mapping software to develop different maps for the brokers. Gaining proficiency in this software is one of my goals for the summer. I really like writing and analyzing articles for the blog-it’s helping me improve my reading and writing skills.


NAIH: What do you see for your future? Has it changed since starting the internship?

KW: I have considered many different paths for when I graduate, oftentimes split between working in the government sector or as a businessman. I always thought that I would join either financial or consulting services, but after working with NAI Hunneman, an opportunity to sign on with a close-knit commercial real estate company like this has been added to the list.


NAIH: What’s your favorite part of Boston? Favorite building?

KW: Working in the Seaport has given me an affinity for the neighborhood, but I truly enjoy walking along Newbury Street in the Back Bay the most. As for my favorite building, it has to be Fenway Park, but if that doesn’t count, Old City Hall is a close second.

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