Q&A with Sean Hannigan: NAI Hunneman Grows Industrial Team

Sean H Blog Photo

NAI Hunneman is excited to welcome recent Bentley University graduate Sean Hannigan to his new full-time position as an associate on the industrial team. Having worked as an intern with both our downtown and industrial teams over the past two years, Sean has had the opportunity to learn from our team members across different industries. One of the reasons Sean knew he wanted to join NAI Hunneman full-time was his positive experience during the internship program, in which he was a true member of the team working toward a larger end goal to enhance the level of service as a firm. Here’s what Sean had to say about his new role:

NAIH: What did you learn as an intern at NAI Hunneman that has helped you transition into your new role?

SH: The internship was extremely hands-on, which made my transition to my current role a lot easier. While I was an intern, I was able to shadow Peter Evans and get a feel for different office spaces and properties. I was also able to work with a brand new CoStar database as well as the new NAI Hunneman database which is something I work with frequently in my current position. The team at NAI Hunneman does a fantastic job of allowing the interns to actually experience what the commercial real estate industry is like.

NAIH: Tell us more about your experience at Kraft Sports Group – how did that experience prepare you for this role?

SH: During my sophomore year at Bentley, I worked for Kraft Sports Group as a game day and events intern. Working games for the Patriots and the Revolution was always fast-paced, so it taught me a lot about how to think on my feet and make quick yet informed decisions. This role definitely helped prepare me for the fast pace of the commercial real estate industry.

NAIH: What made NAI Hunneman the right choice for you as you begin your career in CRE?

SH: I knew NAI Hunneman was the right choice for me because during my internship, I was always treated like a valued member of my teams. The interns sit in on all team meetings, and are always encouraged to share their opinions as well. I remember, in only my fourth or fifth week at the firm, Peter Evans had me speak on behalf of the downtown team in a big development meeting. That moment really made me feel like I was an essential team member, and is a large part of the reason why I wanted to continue my career at NAI Hunneman. The commercial real estate industry is often stereotyped as competitive and independent, but here you really get the feeling that we are all in this together.

Additionally, when I met with David Slye, he impressed upon me that he didn’t care who I knew or what college I had attended, he was looking for people to that were the right fit to join the team. When I joined the team, I knew it was because he thought I was a good fit, which I took as a true compliment and really helped begin my growth at NAI Hunneman.

NAIH: What is it like being a millennial in CRE?

SH: As a millennial in commercial real estate I think I feel more comfortable using new technology – like our new database system at NAI Hunneman, which I work with often. But specifically at NAI Hunneman it is encouraging to see people close to my age like Ovar Osvold in leadership roles because it shows the younger people like myself that hard work pays off.

NAIH: You have a leadership background from your time at Bentley University. How has that helped in your career thus far?

SH: My past leadership roles as well as my education at Bentley were instrumental in my career thus far. Bentley requires all of its students to take foundational business courses, so even though it wasn’t my focus I took some marketing and accounting classes that have already helped in my new role. The leadership programs that I took part in were incredibly important with networking and practicing for job interviews. Bentley’s career services program actually help set up the interview that eventually led to my internship at NAI Hunneman, so I always felt like the school really had my back.

NAIH: Who will you be working with on the Industrial team?

SH: In my role on the industrial team, I will be working with Cathy Minnerly, Ovar Osvold and Glenne Bachman. I will be doing a lot of shadowing of Ovar, as well as assisting with showings and deals and keeping our database up to date. For example, earlier today I canvassed a few properties with the team, which is great exposure to both the landlord side and the tenant side. I look forward to learning more about the industry, and am really excited to continue on my journey with the NAI Hunneman team.


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