NAI Hunneman Intern Spotlight – Bill Rand

We’ve hired a group of bright, hardworking students to serve as summer interns. Over the next few weeks you will get to know them in our Intern Spotlight. Up first is Bill Rand, intern with our Capital Markets Team.

NAI Hunneman Intern Class Summer 2016

NAI Hunneman Intern Class | Summer 2016



Bill Rand |Capital Markets Intern | UMass Amherst

NAIH: Describe a typical day?

BR: My day usually begins by getting settled in and saying hello to everyone. Surprisingly people often respond to my “Good Morning”, with “Good, you?”… I then start my work for the day, due to confidentiality agreements I can’t disclose too much about what I actually work on, but what I can tell you is that it’s like really really important and cool.

NAIH: What’s your background (school, hometown, hobbies)?

BR: I am from Andover, MA and attend UMass: Amherst. My hobbies include playing club lacrosse, intramural sports, and hanging out with friends.

NAIH: Why did you pursue an internship at NAI Hunneman? What do you hope to take from the experience?

BR: I pursued an internship here because I have a strong interest in finance and real estate. Since I’m already an expert in capital markets, I hope that I can take away a better understanding of the brokerage, property management and marketing aspects of real estate.

NAIH: How have you been able to apply your skill set to your job and what kind of an impact have you made here so far?

BR: I feel that my skill set revolves around getting to know people and creating a network. I don’t think I’ve made too much of an impact though, because when I wished one of the partners a happy birthday and he asked me what my name was.

NAIH: What skills have you been able to acquire?

BR: Though I already knew how to use excel before starting here, I would say that it is the skill that I have been able to enhance the most.

NAIH: Why are you interested in Real Estate?

BR: Isn’t it obvious? For the girls.

NAIH: How’s the relationship with the other interns?

BR: I think we all get along very well. We’ve been here about a month so it’s not like I have their phone numbers or anything, but they’re good guys.

NAIH: What’s the favorite part of your job so far?

BR: Lunch-time, because it’s the best time of the day to meet and get to know people around the office.

NAIH: What do you see for your future? Has it changed since starting the internship?

BR: When I first began interning here I was pretty set on going into investments and working with the stock market, but now after starting the internship I am more interested in the principal side of real estate and building a portfolio.

NAIH: What’s your favorite part of Boston? Favorite building?

BR: I don’t have a particularly favorite part, but I feel like the best answer is to say here at NAI Hunneman. My favorite building is the PWC building in the Seaport, I park there and they are opening up a Chipotle on the ground level in the Fall.



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