NAI Takes Top Global, Local Honors

EVP Jim Boudrot

EVP Jim Boudrot

March is starting off great here at NAI Hunneman. This week, we were thrilled to be recognized not once but twice. Two of NAI Hunneman’s brokers

EVP Michael McCarthy

EVP Michael McCarthy

became the proud winners of the prestigious Commercial Brokers Association’s Creative Deal of the Year award for their work with Foliage Inc. Mike McCarthy and Jim Boudrot found a creative way for Foliage to stay in Burlington – a long-term, two building campus solution. Foliage took over space from AVID Technologies at 10 North Park in Burlington, which is a 30,208 square foot building and also leased 29,776 square feet at 20 North Ave. NAI Hunneman facilitated this lease which grew Foliage’s footprint by 150 percent from its previous space at NorthWest Park.

LipseyOn Wednesday, Lipsey released its Top 25 Most Recognizable Brands in Commercial Real Estate Survey and NAI Global came in at number five. There were more than 100,000 votes cast and the rankings were established based on the three criteria: the annual Lipsey ballot, phone interviews, and focus groups. Lipsey describes the balloting as quantitative and the phone interviews and focus groups as subjective. The impressions Lipsey received from the interviews was important, and contributed to the final ranking.

Congratulations to Mike McCarthy and Jim Boudrot on a job well done, and the entire NAI Global Network.

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