The Casino Vote: What’s Next?

It just wasn’t in the cards. Residents in East Boston voted yesterday not to approve a proposal for a casino at Suffolk Downs. As I wrote earlier this week, a casino in East Boston had the potential to bring accelerated development, tax revenue and more jobs to East Boston and its neighbors. Of course, a casino would also bring all the kinds of things that typically come with casinos, which ultimately swayed voters to reject the proposal. So what now?

All eyes are on Revere, which supports the possibility of a casino. Suffolk Downs will now reevaluate whether it can build a casino on its 40 plus acres of land exclusively in Revere. Final proposals are due on Dec. 31, so the future of a casino there will be determined sooner rather than later. For now, development won’t be accelerating in East Boston, but a casino in Revere could change that. Only time will tell.

Trey Agnew is an Executive Vice President at NAI Hunneman

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